My Delivery Day Experience

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I am blogging from my fone so i can still multitask in taking care of my two babies, and still update the social media.

Finally, I gave birth to the cutest and handsome baby boy for me. ♥

Feb 28 pm

My doctor gave me a prescription to take Castor oil so i can induce my labor. I was on my 39th week. I took the same oil when i was pregnant with Megan. It's supposed to make you go to the restroom and discharge your bowels. But it was different for me. Same with what happened to my pregnancy with Megan, i took it after dinner. At the middle of the night, i was awaken by a sudden gush of water. My waterbag broke.

March 1 - 1am

We got to St. lukes and i was immediately taken to one of the rooms while waiting for my contractions to become strong. I heard a woman from the other room shouting in pain. I said to myself "can it really be that painful? Wa poise naman..." She was asking if she can already get an epidural but the nurses were waiting for her doctor's order. I overheard she was at 5cm.

My nurse came and told me to let her know if it's already painful so I can be given the epidural. I said i will. I wanted to know how painful it can get so i waited. there were pains but i challenged myself to bore them. 3am. I can still smile...

At 4am, my OB arrived. He did an internal exam and i was at 7cm. Now it started to be really painful... but i didn't lose my poise calling all the saints. I just closed my eyes and took a lot of short breaths. It was all i can do at that time.

430 am

I was taken to the operating room to get my epidural. It was the most painful part for me because I was crying when they injected the needle in my spinal cord. Both the strong contraction and the coldness in my spine made me cry with sobs.

After being taken back to the delivery room, everything felt so easy. i wasn't feeling any pain anymore. I couldn't feel my legs. I farted a few times... shameful, but i had no control of my lower body.

530 am

I was checked again. Surprisingly, I was at 10cm. they took me to the operating room. "this is it!" When my legs were spread, the nurses and my doctor looked like characters from HOUSE and i was their subject. it was a rare experience for them to see that my baby's head was coming out on its own... not much effort needed. i was told that we would need to wait for a contraction then i would need to push. i only pushed twice. a few seconds more Abraham was out. Really... that was it? (^_^) I was relieved to see my baby boy for the first time. this delivery felt so much better than being sedated, like what happened when i had Megan.

I would like to consider myself lucky because my body was in top shape for giving birth... but it is not about luck at all. i am thankful i prepared my body for this big wonder it did by taking supplements. i was walking on my second day and it feels as if i didn't give birth at all.

But of course, no matter how good i feel on the outside, my body still needs to heal inside. thus, i am still taking all the time i need to rest so i can function perfectly without harming my body.

My adorable Abraham made March one of the most unforgettable months of the year!

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