The full Moon and some serious contractions

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This is my second time to have a baby which is why some people, even my doctor, expect that I already know when I am in labor. Wrong! Being in labor is something I still do not have any idea at all. My water bag broke when I was about to give birth to Megan and that is the only thing that told me it was THE TIME.

Last night, I felt an isolated, but painful contraction I have ever felt in the history of this pregnancy. It was scary because I couldn't move my body because of the pain in my lower abdomen. I was already in bed at that time with Megan. I was praying that it would go away because I haven't packed my hospital bag yet and Abryan was on his way to his office- not a very good time to rush to the hospital. While tears flowed on my cheeks, Megan was trying to help me get into a sitting position. When she saw my tears, she said "I'll get a towel." She got her own face towel and used it to wipe my tears away. Then she said "It's okay Mommy, it's okay." My little nurse is aged 3! The pain lasted more than 5 minutes but I was glad it went away. I couldn't imagine myself screaming for help in case it was already D- Day.

Emotions get really high these days. I thought maybe it was because of the full moon. However, my emotions were brought about by the events that are happening, Other than the "moving-out" event, the nanny has really been getting into my nerves these days. Plainly put, she is hardworking, but she is a chronic liar. When she was asked who just fried eggs, she said it was my sister when none of us would get mad if she admitted it was her. When Megan cried a few days ago and we asked her why, she said Megan just didn't want to eat. But when we asked Megan, she said she hit her head. And to add to these, she just said she is pregnant when last month, she asked me if she could by sanitary napkins from the store. I even gave her a pack of napkins that I had stored before I got pregnant and told her she can just have them. Now she's pregnant all of a sudden just when we are about to move out and I am about to give birth. 

Lying is a big concern for anyone I suppose. It doesn't bother me if she decides to leave because she doesn't want to work anymore but to lie about being pregnant and make us look stupid to even believe her irritates me. And of all people, I shouldn't be lied about pregnancy... that IS my FORTE! If my gut feel tells me you are not, I'll prove it till the pregnancy test results prove otherwise. 

Looking at a different angle, I will have to learn a new role- that is being a full time housewife. It's exciting to take control of everything... Megan, my new baby, cooking (which I am still about to learn), setting the new business and everything else! For the first time, I will be in-charge of our home- none but me. So tell me now why I am not threatened to lose a nanny? I would probably just need 2 weeks to recover from my delivery and then I can start "owning" myself again. 

This full moon has given me different emotions. But among all of them, my feeling of excitement and determination to start anew and make it work are the strongest. There is no backing out- no backing down... Aja!!!

So what emotions did you feel last night? :)

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