Day 2 of 2013: Water Snake- How's your luck this year?

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A start of the year is usually what I am very excited about. A lot of people create new year's resolution, goals and I often see Facebook statuses saying they HOPE this year will be good for them. (Insert opinion: I would prefer MAKING the year good for you than just plainly hoping.)

And on February 10, 2013, it will be the Chinese New Year. For those who are like me, fond of reading horoscopes for entertainment, this is the time to start reading what this year has to offer to us all.

I found this article from about what we can most likely expect for this year.
Feng shui practitioner Dr. Anthony Fugoso believes that major advances in science and technology can be expected in the Year of the Water Snake, saying that IT-related businesses such as mobile phone companies will flourish.
Yes!!! My husband is in the I.T. industry. Perfect! :)
Other “lucky” industries include media, travel and the arts, particularly dance. Since the water element is closely associated with education and research, the Year of the Water Snake will also be good for scientists and scholars, Fugoso added.
Another yes! I am currently working together with some colleagues on freelance content developing... ahem! education. :)
Fashion, meanwhile, will become more “elegant, fluid and sophisticated” in the coming year in the Chinese calendar.
Does fashion include makeup artistry? I think it's related. I've been getting a lot of makeup gigs since 2012 and I have scheduled activities this early 2013 too. I believe people are more aware now of enhancing the natural beauty.
Fugoso also mentioned things that people should watch out for during the Year of the Water Snake, from water-related disasters to “friendly alliances.”
So which animal sign is lucky this year??? and who are not so lucky???
In terms of Chinese animal signs, the “luckiest” during the Year of the Water Snake are the Rat and Dog, while the Tiger, Ox and Horse will be more fortunate in terms of wealth, the feng shui practitioner said.
The Dragon, on the other hand, will be “lucky” when it comes to romance and education. 
Meanwhile, Fugoso said the “not so lucky” animal signs include the Rabbit, Rooster, Sheep, Monkey, Pig and Snake.

Snake? Snake born people might ask why but this is somehow true. If it is your year, you are not that lucky. And for the fortune about pigs like me, the logical explanation for this is because Pigs are are usually the target food of the snake. They are not very good in combat unlike the snake.

Oh well... my definition of "not so lucky" means that there will be challenges. It doesn't mean you will not get what you want this year. You will just have to work extra hard.

For the rest... don't get your hopes too high. This is a general prediction. Remember that the elements are included in determining your fortune. By that I mean some Dogs could be a Fire Dog, a Water Dog, Metal Dog etc... They have differences in luck too.

Like what I said, these predictions are not meant to be taken seriously because the mind is very powerful. If you WILL something, with determination, you will eventually get it no matter if the prediction says you're not lucky. Remember, the Mayans predicted that the world will end last month but here we are, alive and celebrating life!

Good night!

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