How my 2014 went

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It is not yet New Year's eve for me to create an article of how this year was for me but I wanted to give everyone an update on what has been going on in my life this year. I noticed I have very few, and I mean very few... entries for this year. Yes, I have been lazy, I have been confused, I was keeping everything mum until I figure things out for myself.

Starting a business is really challenging for most people. I admire my friend Orly for having the courage to start a training consultancy last year. We've had clients who were good and we've had clients that will be part of our banned list. For the entirety of the year, I did what I do best, motivate and spread positivity to people even when things aren't really going as well as we all expected.

That is the thing when you start a business. No emotional torture should bring you down. The moment you give in, everything will be lost. Everything will go back to zero.

I've received job offers and I've received this one offer that was really promising. I would have become a part of the fashion and retail industry but I declined the offer. It was not a hard decision to make because I know what I want. At this point, commuting and going back to working every single day, welcoming stress, are not in any way welcome in my vocabulary.

So I prayed. I prayed for the freedom to earn while doing the things I love.

On the side, I accepted a long time offer to join Leadership Network. I work online, I work at home, I get to make modules, and soon I will get to train online! I get to talk to different Filipinos who looking for an online job and I get to give them a job! If that isn't cool for you... well that is cool for me!

Suddenly, life is more relaxing. Life and work is balanced.

I am still growing because this is beyond what I expected myself to become.


I have moved!

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Not totally though.

From now on, all professional/career/work related entries will be posted on the site below. 

If you want to find me, you can drop by:


Ethan's Christening

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Very quick entry before I go back to writing a proposal for another client this morning.

I've always expressed my happiness with the friends I have. We've been friends for 18 years now, if my calculations are right. Back when we were much younger, it wasn't that easy to stay connected to friends because we didn't have Facebook to connect to each other all the time. We needed to spend loads to send text messages and call each other because Viber hasn't existed yet. But we managed to exert effort to see each other and celebrate the milestones in our lives together.

This July, we welcomed Kaye and Tim's Ethan to the Christian world.

When you're maturing, you realize that the people you hang out with at bars and parties aren't necessarily the people who'll end up staying with you through time. So find your true friends and choose well.

No matter what other people say, your friends say much about who you are.


Now Showing: NO-Direction! (Maligno in the City)

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Be at peace. As mentioned in Kung Fu Panda "Find your inner peace."

I had to exert tons of effort this morning in finding my inner peace when I got lost in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) while I was riding cabs. CABS. I am not gifted with spatial intelligence. I think I've already mentioned that in some of my entries here. It was supposedly my third time going to my Client's office. I went there with my colleagues on the first and second time. Today was the first time I had to go there by myself.

Given that Manila just had a super strong typhoon yesterday (Glenda), I was still cool when the traffic suddenly became heavier than the usual. Kept my cool. Kept my cool. I turned Waze on in the hope of finding other routes because I didn't want to be late. The taxi driver was old. His white hair and soft voice gave the hint that his hearing was poor too. So when I told him to turn right, he just went straight. I reminded him where I was supposed to go. "31st street corner 2nd avenue po." And he reacted as if he knew BGC well. "uu, sa 5th avenue tayo tapos kaliwa tayo dun."

Since it felt like he knew where I was supposed to go, I turned Waze off and allowed him to take control. We reached 30th corner 2nd avenue.

"O eto. 2nd avenue na to." Manong driver said.

"Manong, 31st po ako." I replied.

"30th eto." He said in a soft voice.

"31st po ako." I repeated.

"Ah. Sa likod lang yun. Diyan lang yun." He said.

He had no intention of driving further. Since it was already 30 minutes before my meeting, I decided to take the risk. He said it was just at the back of that street. I walked further- 28th street. I knew the place. It wasn't where I was supposed to be. I asked for directions from guards, civilians, a marshall. They pointed me in different directions which lead me further. My goal was nowhere in sight.

For the second time, I took a cab in front of Bubble Tea where I bought a milk tea to keep my cool because I was getting stressed. I told the driver the direction. "31st street corner 2nd avenue." He drove. He was positive that we would find it.

"o ito sa kanan tayo. pag lumayo tayo, e di babalik tayo. ibig sabihin sa kabila." And right he was, we went further. So, we went the other way.

We saw 2nd avenue. "O ito 30th na. Dito lang yun."

On my left was the same Bubble Tea where I hailed his cab. "Manong hindi ito. Dito nyo nga ako sinakay e."

He drove further and found 31st street. At the end of that street was a closed road. He insisted that the building on the right was the one I was looking for. He was insinuating that I had to get off even if I said it isn't the place because I've been there. I got off- hoping I was just stupid and that he was right.

Yes, I was stupid. I was stupid to believe that he was right.

Lost again.

I was on the verge of crying. I wanted to go home, make my stupidity as an excuse for why I didn't get to the meeting.

I hailed the third cab. "31st street corner 2nd avenue po. Kanina pa ako naliligaw."
He turned to a street and whoala! I saw the building. "Dito na po! salamat. I wanted to cry.


What did I learn from this experience?

Sometimes, no matter how confident we are in getting to our destination in life, there will be detours. When you let other people drive your life, they'll get you somewhere. But for sure, you wouldn't be happy because it is not where you want to be no matter how they insist that it is where you should be.

Not knowing how to get to your destination can be costly so think carefully of the risks you're going to take.

When you feel like giving up, don't! Sometimes, when you least expect it, you'll be where you are supposed to be with the help of God's grace. We learn from more from mistakes.


On a shallow perspective, I can consider this as one of the ancient gods' ways of playing with mortals. Para akong namaligno. I was going in circles and then one turn, it just appeared (the building) out of nowhere.


Miss No-Direction