The Music of the Night

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I was terribly waiting for the day, September 13, when I was scheduled to watch one of my favorite and most dreamt Broadway plays to be staged in Manila, Phantom of the Opera. It was all over my social networking sites, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

When you have prepared and waited so much for this day, you wouldn't let anything ruin it. Yet that morning, I got hot headed just because Boi didn't reply to my texts for awhile. (hormones) He said he was going to his mom's place but what's so important that he could be doing that he did not reply to my texts? And then, the flare began. I called, no one picked up. I called again, he picked up. I asked him where he was because I was hearing a lot of noise. He said he just came from the bathroom which was why he wasn't able to pick up- totally not good at lying! And because my detective instincts are really at par, I got furious! I told him not to go home. I was even thinking of going to CCP by myself and watch Phantom of the Opera alone.

He then texted that he knows how important this day was for me so he do not want to ruin it. He went home. SILENT TREATMENT. Went to sleep. Woke up around 5pm. At that time, all I wanted was to be ready for the show so I put aside the morning issue.

We arrived at CCP at 6:40pm. We bought the program which cost us 500 pesos and a keychain for 400 pesos. (really! such an expensive keychain) And around 7:15pm, we lined up for the  theater entrance. The usherettes of CCP are very particular with time. They let people in exactly at 7:30pm. Good thing we got aisle seats. I was pleased that they were strict with the "no camera" policy. I would have complained if they were not because I did not bring mine though it hurted me a lot... hehehe. (All photos were taken using my fone)

Here we go!!! I thought to myself. While we were seated, I turned to my right where Boi was seated and saw a small black box- jewelry box that he held in front of me. He opened it and in it was a ring. (I know what was going to happen but I don't know how to react!) I just said "Totoo ba yan?" Then, he kneeled and my eyes just got bigger! I was telling him to get up because we were already attracting viewers. And of course, he said the "Will you Marry Me?" line. His body was shaking and I felt his armpit got hot afterwards. (hehehe) Of course I said "yes"!

I am not particular with jewelries. For all I care, I would be happy with any ring. It is that easy to put a smile on my face. He just made this night a NIGHT to REMEMBER.

When the show started and when they lit the chandelier and started playing the Overture, I was teary eyed. I couldn't believe I was watching Phantom of the Opera!

The entire production was superb! The transitions to every scene were perfectly done. Though the stage was small, it was well managed- not too crowded. And about the performance of the cast, they were very good. But if you have seen Sierra Boggess as Christine Daae in the 25th Anniversary performance, you would really wish she was the one on stage. (just because I am used to how she sings and acts out every line)

When it ended, it was a sigh of relief that at last I got two goals down- to find the man I will be with for the rest of my life and watching one of my long lists of musicals that I have been dreaming to see since I was a child.

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  1. homaygahd... ngayon ko lang nabasa ang engagement kwento... i love it!!! congrats to both of you... and very creative of Yan ha? :D