Warning: Some dirty pictures of mine

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(pictures may deceive you, read the entire story below)

Yesterday, my uncle visited us. He was with a lady whom he said will help us detoxify our body. He was so excited to have all of us detoxified. She was carrying with her a machine- ION CLEANSE machine. I have seen this before in a morning show where the host tried it. The lady said that the water will change color depending on the toxins that we have in our body. The color can change from brown, orange, green, black and a lot more.

Since I am in the health and wellness industry, I for one wants to find out what's the "REAL" reason why the water's color changes. Do we really release toxins in our body with the help of this machine?

I was second to try it out. I have colds, that I know. She got her basin, placed water in it. She heated the water with a heater. Then she asked me to soak my feet in the water. She placed the machine at the middle of my feet and got some "salt" which she said will fasten the release of the toxins. (really now...) After 30 minutes, this is what she said was the toxins that were removed from my body.

HHmmm... how come my water is dirtier than my aunt's when I don't even smoke and drink. The lady said I have high cholesterol. Funny is, my aunt has high cholesterol too, so why is mine dirtier? What really made me skeptic was that this lady was making all claims about her high blood condition cured when she detoxified a few times. There was someone she knew who had lumps on her breast which they have assumed to eventually lead to cancer, gone after using ion cleanse regularly. 

The question now is "WHAT IS THE EVIDENCE THAT THIS REALLY CURES HIGH CHOLESTEROL, CANCER ETC...?" (aside from this lady's personal testimonial)

I did my research and guess what. Read here. According to this article and other similar articles that I have read, the color changes because the metal (part of the machine) that is submerged in salty water creates rust. This is the cause of the color change in the water. They had the water solution examined in a laboratory and they only found a small percent of rust and the rest were all tap water. If it's really toxins, they should have seen it in the laboratory done. And another customer made a test. He placed water in the basin and placed the machine. However, he did not put his feet in the water. Unsurprisingly, the color of the water still changed. 

Well, 250Php was the rip off for each of us. I was thinking of it as my gift for her this Christmas. I was really concerned that she said she stopped taking her maintenance medicines because this ion cleanse cures it. For those who believe in it, I will not be changing your mind. I just did some research and this is what I found. I am still open if you can change my mind. Just give me facts, and research studies that will prove the claims that are placed on the manual's guide. For now, NO SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH- this is a scam for me.

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