How to prepare a wedding in a short notice: The Requirements

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For most couples I know, their engagement took 6 months to 1 year preparation. So why are we rushing it? I would simply answer it with a "what's it to you?".  The Mayans said that the world would end on 2012 so we might as well get wed this year right? (Kidding)

Really, I thought of having it next year. Yet, I guess for couples who are both working, 6 months to a year would really be ideal. But for us where I take charge of a business, I "know" we can make this work with the little time we have.

Our ID Photos :)

Know the requirements.

We were just blessed because we are accustomed to the internet world which makes the requests of documents much faster compared to lining up in the government offices which could have taken us forever. Here are the basic requirements for a church wedding.

  • Baptismal Certificates
  • Confirmation Certificates
  • Marriage License
  • NSO Birth Certificates
  • Single Status Certificates (CENOMAR)
  • Canonical Interview
  • Ecclesiastical Banns
  • Permit
  • Pre-cana Seminar
  • List of Sponsors
Baptismal Certificate: You have to request this from the church or parish where you were baptized  Good thing we are both from Malabon so it only took a motor ride to travel to and fro to our parishes. Depending on the church or parish, it would just take a day to process this. *Check!*

Confirmation Certificates: Although we both graduated in a Catholic school in high school, we really wonder why our parents did not thought of having us confirmed when we were 11 or 12 years old. We went looking for a church where we could have this done. FYI, since a bishop is the only one allowed to perform this sacrament, we finally found a schedule in a church in Caloocan. Be reminded that some churches hold confirmation ONCE a month so you better be sure to attend it. (Quiapo church hold Confirmation rites every week just in case you are really in a hurry) We are still to attend our Confirmation on the last Saturday of this month. ***Pending***

Marriage License: Tada! How stupid of us to leave this last. You will get this from your Munisipyo. The requirements are NSO Birth certificate photocopy, Cenomar photocopy, but you will need to bring the original ones for checking. Then, you will be scheduled for a family planning seminar. Your names will be posted in the municipal hall for 10 days before you get your license. Since we thought it would just be a whim, we unfortunately have submitted our original birth certificates and cenomar to the church so... we would have to request again! delay... delay... delay... ***Pending***

Birth Certificates and Cenomar: Save your sweat. Do this online. It only takes 3 days and the documents will be delivered right at your doorstep. Birth certificate costs 300 + pesos while Cenomar is 400 + pesos. 

Canonical Interview: Will be scheduled by the church where you will hold your wedding at. 
For us, it will be next week, on a Wednesday. ***pending ***

Ecclesiastical Banns: Your chosen church will give the bride and groom a request form which will be given to the churches where the bride and groom were baptized. Their names will have to be announced after the mass for 3 consecutive Sundays. This would be the perfect time for those who would want to STOP the wedding to come forward and state why the wedding shouldn't happen. Of course, the reason should be lawfully acceptable. If no one disagrees...

the Permit will be issued. *** we should be getting this, this Sunday ***

Pre-Cana Seminar: You can choose which church you would want to have this. They have schedules. ***checked***

List of Sponsors: You need this for the marriage license and for the church. 

Other than the Marriage License, we are all good to go. 

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