Curl my World- my Digital Perm

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It’s no secret to everyone that I got my hair curled. A lot of people have been asking where I had it done so I am posting this to share it.

My digital perm was done by Affascinante Salon. They have a Halloween promo till November 2 so I suggest you grab the opportunity and get a schedule. Their hair rebonding or digital perming costs 2.5k for any hair length. Go! You can check their Facebook page here. It’s very easy to get to their Salon. Just take the LRT and get off Vito Cruz station. Beside Jollibee, take a pedicab and tell the “manong” to take you to Royal World Mansion.

My hair was rebonded more than a year ago before I finally decided that I’ve had it with the repeated rebonds whenever my natural hair started to show. Thus, for the first time, I had my hair digital permed. Although I was the first in- last out in the Salon, the result was satisfying.

It took long but I am pleased that they tested a portion of my hair first to see if the process would work for me (since my hair got rebonded). No need to worry because they do not do this to all customers. With that, at least I know that they mean customer service. And speaking of customer service, the moment I sat down and got my hair checked, they gave me a glass of iced tea. They do that for all their customers. Isn’t that superb?! The owner was so nice and so were the other helpers. Since it took me a longer time to finish, they even gave me a cupcake which saved me from hunger after sitting for 6 or 7 hours.

I’ve always had my hair straight. A lot of people are still getting used to seeing my hair curled. Digital perming can be damaging to the hair so I am taking extra precautions to make sure I do not harm my locks further.


Me with my straight hair


The curls

Here are the products I bought for my Goldilocks…

  • Loreal Smooth-Intense Caring Shampoo (99 Php)


  • Pantene Nature Care – I use this when I am just at home to keep my hair and curls moisturized.


  • Finesse Curl Defining Mousse – this doesn’t have that hard texture that I hate because it feels as if I’ve sprayed “spray net” on my curls. This one creates a soft texture but still keeps the curls intact. (329 Php)


Since I am a lazy girl, these curls work for me because I can just put these products and look like I just got out of the salon everyday!

If I were you, try it!

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