Ethan's Christening

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Very quick entry before I go back to writing a proposal for another client this morning.

I've always expressed my happiness with the friends I have. We've been friends for 18 years now, if my calculations are right. Back when we were much younger, it wasn't that easy to stay connected to friends because we didn't have Facebook to connect to each other all the time. We needed to spend loads to send text messages and call each other because Viber hasn't existed yet. But we managed to exert effort to see each other and celebrate the milestones in our lives together.

This July, we welcomed Kaye and Tim's Ethan to the Christian world.

When you're maturing, you realize that the people you hang out with at bars and parties aren't necessarily the people who'll end up staying with you through time. So find your true friends and choose well.

No matter what other people say, your friends say much about who you are.

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