Cash Cash Pinoy: Why you should think twice before purchasing

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With everyone being busy, shopping for Christmas is evolving to the online markets where all items can easily be viewed. Transactions can easily be made with a click. Payments can be made through bank payments or credit cards. Among the popular online site go to for discounts is cash cash pinoy . But hold your horses... read this experience first before rushing there to make a deal.

It was September 6 of this year when I bought a lawn green 12000mah powerbank from cash cash pinoy. I was very busy that time that I couldn't go to the mall. After purchasing, I missed the information that it will be delivered in October. Tsk! Okay. I have to wait for a month for the delivery. Since I already purchased it, all I can do is wait.

October came and it was finally delivered. When I tried it- tada!!!! Not working! It was not even lighting. Since Cash Cash Pinoy has no contact number, I filed a report on October 18 through their website. The next day, I got a reply. I was pleased at how fast they attended to complaints. The response said

Thank you for writing to CashCashPinoy regarding your defective 12000mAh Powerbank - Lawn Green.
We are very sorry that the shipment of 12000mAh Powerbank - Lawn Green that you received was defective. We understand your disappointment and appreciate the inconvenience this must have caused you.
We can promise you that the highest quality standards will be met in the future because protecting our reputation for delivering the best product on the market is a key priority for us.
For us to process the replacement, kindly fill up the replacement form attached with the complete description of the defect. Also provide us pictures of the item as a requirement of our merchant.
Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you may have experienced. Should you have further inquiries, please feel free to send us an email at If you want, you may also try our chat support from Monday to Friday (11am to 8pm). Just click the Live Support button on the right side of our webpage.

I did what was asked. I filled out the form and sent pictures of the defective item. Here's my very friendly email.
Thank you for the swift reply. I have attached here the replacement form and the pictures of the item I got.
Kindly give me the expected date when the replacement item will be delivered.
Thank you.
I waited. Followed up on October 22 and 27 but got no response. I was ONLY asking for an EXPECTED DATE of delivery. I needed my expectations set. I kept telling myself to be patient, but who will when you've already waited for a month, got charged on my credit card and it's already taking almost two months and I still don't have a powerbank.

October 30- Hurray! (I was trying to get my hopes up)

Thank you for writing back to us and for providing the details needed!
We will be forwarding your concern to our Logistics team to further investigate and process the replacement of your item. They will be coordinating first with our partner merchant regarding the replacement of your item. We will notify you once we get an update.
We appreciate your continuous patience and support to CashCashPinoy as we build a better online shopping experience for you.
Again, we are really sorry for the delay and inconvenience.
We will request our partner courier to retrieve the 12000mAh Powerbank - Lawn Green in your indicated delivery address so you no longer have to personally drop off the item here in our office.
Our courier will be there within 2 to 5 days.

November 1
We already requested your replacement to our merchant. Rest assured that we will expedite the delivery as soon as it arrives and we will retrieve your item at the same time....

They said I they will expedite the delivery of the replacement right???
I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I did not send further complaints even if I was already disappointed. 

November 9

Thank you for writing patiently waiting for your replacement.
We are sorry to inform you that the merchant won't be able to deliver the 12000mAh Powerbank - Lawn Green replacement.
As such, we were advised to refund your purchase in CashCashPinoy Credits. You can use the credits as good as cash, to buy any deals from our website. The CashCashPinoy Credits has no expiration date and it will remain in your account until you decide to use it.
The refund process of CashCashPinoy credits will only take 2-5 working days, and once the credits are deposited to your CashCashPinoy account, you can immediately use it to buy deals from our website.
So... 2 months and days of waiting for the courier to pickup the defective item, it boils down to getting refunded. Fine.


They said it will take 2-5 working days for the credit to be deposited to my cash cash pinoy account.

They retrieved the defective item but it's already December 11- STILL NO REFUND. 

It is not really about the amount now. This is about resolving a SIMPLE issue. I think I was very patient to have waited for them to close this concern. Now I only need what I DESERVE- my MONEY (which turned to "just" CREDITS). They still can't PROCESS it? I searched online to see if there are other unfortunate experiences with Cash Cash Pinoy. Surprisingly, I found a lot!

Now, if you plan on purchasing from CashCashPinoy, PRAY first that you don't end up going through this disappointing experience. I understand that items may be defective but what they do to customers when this happens is NOT acceptable. Indeed... it's money money! It's just all about CASH and nothing about buyer protection or satisfaction guarantee. 

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  1. Let your bank get back at them and dispute the credit card charge as fraud...

  2. Thanks Charles! I'll definitely try that. :)

  3. Hi Gem,

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you’ve encountered from our service. We would like to guarantee you that we are doing our best to serve you all the best way possible, by continuously improving our processes.

    We hope to make it up to you. Please leave a message in our facebook account: with your purchase details, so we can resolve it immediately.


    CashCashPinoy Team

  4. hi! did you get your money? we were also victim of cash cash pinoy saying their brand were all authentic. unfortunately we found out that the product is fake. i would like to know if there are chance to bring back the money. thank you.

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  6. UPDATE: CASH CASH PINOY reached out to me and ensured that I was refunded.