Day 1 of 2013: Ark Avilon Zoo

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Instead of going to the mall, which is the first thing most people would think of on holidays, we decided to start the year differently by going to Ark Avilon Zoo. Like the name suggests, the concept is more of Noah's Ark. It is an indoor zoo where kids can enjoy seeing different animals.

I should say that the place isn't just for kids but for adults too! Compared to some zoos that I have been to, Ark Avilon Zoo is good because you get to see the animals closer. For the carnivores like the tiger, hyena, bear etc... there is a thick glass separating them from the viewers.

The zoo is located at Frontera Verde, Ortigas Avenue, Corner C-5, Pasig. It is very close to Tiendesitas and is beside Fun Ranch.

The very well decorated indoor zoo right after the entrance.
You might get confused. The birds on the branches are not decorations. They are real and alive!

Most of the birds are not caged. You can touch them if you like.
Me at 7 months, Megan and Daddy Yan
There are many animals to see but I will be posting some of my favorites.

Hedwig? Nope. (The Owl)

The Eagle

Ooohh.. They sure look scary.

Here Piggy, Piggy, Piggy...


Of course, my star sign animal (ARIES) 
Megan has a particular liking to the chickens!!! Isn't it so unique?

They have feeding areas where you can buy food some of the animals. They cost 30 pesos. 

And for the most challenging part (yeah... this was already challenging for me)... a moment with the snake and Jenny, the monkey! :)

I was holding the head of the snake!

Megan was very scared of Jenny. Actually, if not for Yan, I wouldn't want to have a picture taken with the monkey too. Not really my favorite- :l 
It was a fun trip for the start of the year. 2013 is really exciting!

Ark Avilon Zoo is open from 9:00am- 6:00pm Mondays thru Thursdays and 10:00am- 7:30pm during Fridays thru Sunday and holidays. The entrance fee is affordable. It is only 300 pesos per person and 200 pesos for kids 3.75 feet and below. You can contact them at (632) 706-2992. 

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