Cut that Ugly Hair

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I have been meaning to get my haircut for months now, but I haven't really decided on what to do with my locks. My hair has its natural wave. I got used to having it rebonded. However, it always pains me when my natural hair starts to grow and it becomes too obvious that I need a touch up. Thus, I told myself I wouldn't undergo another rebond. I want my natural hair to grow for a change. Thus, more than a year ago, I had my hair digitally permed beginning on the part where the wave was. I was happy about it- for some time. But when the curls got lose, it was just so bad to see my "buhaghag" hair. So... I wouldn't really advise digital perming because your hair would look terrible after it.

When I was about to have my hair treatment, I found out I was pregnant. And for all caring purposes, I would not want to get any chemical treatment which could harm my little prince. My hair grew till it was already waist length. I always put it in a bun so imagine how "lola-like" I was.

I am not due till the end of February or the first week of March. And I just couldn't wait that long. Suddenly, it dawned me. I want a short hair, again, for a change. Most women are used to having long hair because it is the safest. I really envy those who are brave enough to go from long hairstyle to short. It takes a lot of courage to change what you are used to.

I wanted a pixie haircut but I know it wouldn't suit me because my stubborn hair would not look good in a short hair with natural waves that has a mind of its own. Pixie haircuts are preferred with straight hair.

Who knows... after I give birth, I can probably get my treatments and get the haircut that I really want.  These were on my list.

Here are other short hairstyle trends this 2013. 

I went to Toni and Guy. I was sold on getting a short hairstyle so I gave them the permission to style my hair to whatever will suit me for now. I was happy with the sleek bob cut.

The perks of having a short hair:

  • I SAVE a huge amount of shampoo and conditioner.
  • I can easily blow dry my hair or iron it if I want to. 
  • I don't have to worry about what hairstyle I would do for the day because it is what it is!

*** So this is what men feel- minus the wax and all... *** :)

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