Do you have a couple theme song?

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When I was in my teens, I love having theme songs. I even had a theme song for every crush I had. Somehow, it reminded me of those cute guys who made my day complete.

When we attended our Pre-cana seminar and we were asked what our theme song is. I honestly answered "none". There were lots of songs which became a part of our relationship but we never really considered them our theme song.

The only couple theme song I couldn't forget was "It might be you" by two of my closest friends. It made me very cautious of choosing songs back then because it might define how the story will go. Since it was "it 'MIGHT' be you" meaning "unsure", they didn't end up together. *peace*

So is it weird that we do not have a theme song?

This morning, Abryan suddenly sang a song on auto repeat while we were on our way home. Then he asked me if we could play it on our wedding day. We listened to the entire song. It was really funny and I am sure the chorus would best describe what happened to him. However, we just laughed because it wouldn't be that appropriate for a wedding.

About the song:::

Yes... this will very much pass as a theme song when we were starting the relationship. When everybody thought that this guy is nothing but a pretty face and will do nothing but cheat and make women cry, God gave a different kind of relationship that required a change of character.
And that is what happened to us.

You can CHOOSE not to let your past actions define who you are.

Your environment, your family history, your past relationships are not a basis of who you will be.

You CHOOSE what your character will be. It is not an easy process but it starts with a CHOICE.

And there's one thing I know... I never keep a blind eye on wrong doings. With this I can honestly tell that the man I will marry has come a very long way from who he was when I first met him. That is the reason why I will marry him. <3

Here is the song that would describe our journey before this marriage.

FYI: this is not cheesy!

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  1. siempre i love this song because im a parokya fan :)