Mommy Purchase: The Abdominal Binder

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I received another package. Featuring: the abdominal binder. bow!

This is another of my "firsts" though Abraham is my second baby. Compared to my post pregnancy body with Megan, where my tummy went from "watermelon" big to flat, my tummy still looked like I was 3-4 months pregnant after I arrived home from the hospital. My OB always tells me that there will be a huge difference since this is my second time for pregnancy. Thus, I decided to browse the net in search of an affordable abdominal binder.

Belly binders or abdominal binders, I can say are must have post pregnancy. It has a gentle compression on the abs which may help the uterus return to its normal size. Doctors say that you have to wear it 4 weeks-8 weeks post pregnancy for better results. However, be reminded that this is not a miracle wrap which will guarantee a smaller waist. The progress of course will vary depending on how much you've gained during your pregnancy.

For me though, it helps a lot to support my back, which has been aching because of breast feeding. I noticed an improvement when I started wearing the abdominal binder.

There are many options that you can choose from. You can checkout Belly Bandit (cost: $49.95), Tauts, Cinchers, they all work for a common goal. I got mine from Lucky Doll. It is a waist cincher belly binder (price: 280 Php)

And of course, the fastest way to lose that extra post pregnancy weight is by eating healthy and doing exercises. :)

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