The struggle when moving out

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How do you move out? I can't really answer that question now because I also am trying my best to decipher what I should feel about finally moving out. When it comes to tips on how to move out, that would be fairly easy. What I am referring to would be getting emotionally ready. Do you ever get emotionally ready?

I grew up in this house for 29 years. Yup, that long. I never took a dorm in college. The only nights I wouldn't sleep here happened during vacations. If you can just imagine all of the things that I have bought, collected etc... for 29 years. This house has tons of my stuff in it.

Wanting to live independently never crossed my mind, not even when I had Megan. Why would I when my aunt has not just been responsible but very caring to all of my needs? She has always been like that ever since I was entrusted to her because both of my parents are working outside the country. I have enjoyed being the princess for 28 years. But come my 29th year, when I got pregnant again and got married, I was being forced by nature to leave this comfort zone so we can really start a family; seriously. Maybe if not for the events that started happening last year, I wouldn't really force myself into  leaving our house.

There are times when I am too eager to move out but today, when we started packing the things that I will be bringing with me, I felt torn. However, it has to be done. So... How do I choose which among my 29 years of stuff should I bring???? That is the biggest dilemma I have now.


I hoard books, even those that I know I won't have the time to read. It's only now that I've realized why some people would rather get ebooks than the actual books. I wonder how much space (or if there would be enough space) would all of it occupy.


We have 4 full cabinets of clothes. When it comes to clothes, I know most of us would always think that we'd keep this... we'd keep that... so we can wear them ONCE we GET SLIMMER. Because of this, I still have blouses and pants from my college (and maybe even highschool) days. Imagine how small they are now for me! Let's admit it... bones grow, hips get wider... no matter how we starve ourselves, we will never fit into those clothes again so we might as well ... DONATE them. Or if you think they are too expensive to donate, have a garage sale. At least you'll still get something out of them. For this "moving out", I am not going to bring much. I'll bring a few that would fit me at this point. Our cabinet will have enough space for NEW clothes... that only means one thing... Shopping!

Pictures/ Photo Albums

I also have a lot of these. Among the three of us (my siblings), I am the one who has the most number of pictures. Of course... the eldest. Moving to a new place means a fresh start. So why would I bring a lot of unnecessary things? For these, I would recommend a scanner. Save all your pictures in your external HD in case the time would come when you would want to stroll down memory lane and laugh at your kiddie pictures.


Can I add VHS into these? Hahaha. I grew up in the era where it was cool to collect movies, most specially those hard to find ones. But how many boxes would I need to store all of these? My broadway collections are non-negotiable. They are going with me. For the rest... my recommendation is to rip them and store them (again) on an external HD.

Bags and Shoes

They fall under one category because I don't really buy lots of them. I only buy those that I would use on a daily basis. This is not going to be a problem! :)

Makeups/ Lotions/ Beauty Products

Glad I have my makeup case! these are the easiest to pack. You look at the expiration date and throw those who are nearing the end of their shelf life.

Is there anything else???

I am almost done packing my books and documents. I just wish I would have enough time to even scan my pictures or rip my DVDs. I am not OC. I just have the personality that when I leave something, someone, or somewhere, I wouldn't want to go back. This is why emotional preparation and having everything ready are very important to me.

There will always be a time in our lives where we have to let go of so many things just so we can have a space for the new things. It is time to start creating a new passion!

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