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Why I rarely created blog posts and vlogged this February was caused by so many things. Deep in my heart I know these are just excuses.

I had been feeling a little down this month. Waiting for your delivery day can sometimes be very stressful. On my 37th week, I still have a lot of "health concerns" to address to ensure that my baby gets  through with the delivery safe. I'll tell this the way a layman in a medical industry would. My red blood cell count is not where it should be. In short, even with the Iron intervention that my doctor did to speed up the production of my red blood cells in preparation for the delivery, it is still not enough. I have been taking my Iron medications so hopefully, I get better results this Saturday. Second, it was just found out that I have UTI. Again, I was given a week to take the meds and it was expected to clear after. But of course, it's still in progress. Thanks to Yan; he has been buying coconut water for me to drink everyday since it is known to help cure UTI. I am a little worried since I never experienced these things when I was pregnant with Megan.

Other than the ones I have mentioned, I got pretty disappointed when I asked Yan to take my belly shot. I saw pink lines!!! Imagine my horror when I found out that I was not spared of stretch marks for this pregnancy. People always tell me that a boy is always heavier than having a girl. So I guess that explains the pink marks. I was depressed at some point. I started thinking if I'll ever get back in shape after gaining 20 lbs in this pregnancy.

After some days of contemplation, I finally got back to my old positive self. I just realized that I shouldn't feel bad about my marks because it is a sign of bravery. Not every woman would choose to have a baby. Some are afraid and wouldn't want an added responsibility while others have the lamest excuse of not wanting to lose their figure.  My pregnancy marks will remind me that I was strong enough to give up wearing a two-piece swimsuit for a handsome little boy who will bring happiness to our lives. Plus, what good is not having stretch marks when your body can't even pass wearing a decent swimsuit? It's still all about getting FIT.

Instead of sadness, I am excited with the things I can start doing again after I give birth.

  • Massage - I will definitely get a full body massage. My body really needs it.
  • Coffee and Tea - I miss drinking these. Imagine... no coffee every morning.
  • Red wine - I will stock up on red wine when we transfer to our new home. At least red wine would be better than drinking sodas.
  • Keratin Complex- I was informed of this at Tony & Guy when I had my haircut but I opted not to get it (even though they said it was safe for pregnancy) because I do not want to risk harming my baby.
  • Buy new clothes!!! - I stopped buying clothes when I found out I was pregnant. I didn't buy maternity clothes as well. I discovered that my aunts' blouses would pass as maternity clothes if I was the one wearing them. The rest of my clothes were the ones I bought when I was pregnant with Megan. Recycle! 
  • Travel!!! - Abryan and I didn't go on a honeymoon when we got married. Travelling has become harder and harder for me now that I'm full term. There are so many places I want to go to but would just have to wait till I am ready.
  • Vegan cooking- For those who didn't know, I do not cook. I fry. That's basically all I know about cooking. I cannot distinguish beef meat from pork when they are frozen. Thus, I am going to cook Vegan dishes to save me from guessing. I have all the recipes ready! I will start when we have settled in the new home. Wish me Luck!!!
  • Z-WOW Exercises- What I like about owning my time is that I can exercise when I want to. This is one exercise that I will start doing when my doctor gives me the "go" signal. These are 15 minute full body exercises. That's all I need in a day!
With so many of these things waiting for me, why should I even waste my time feeling sad? We'll be moving to our new home soon... I will have a handsome baby boy to carry, I have a sweet daughter who is as excited as we are in seeing her baby brother, and a husband who is very responsible and makes all of us happy. 

Plus... I forgot to include, I have people waiting for me to get through this pregnancy so I can go back to my freelance jobs. Isn't that nice. I don't have to file for leaves and wait for the approval. :)

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