The new relationship!

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Oh the birth pains of a new relationship!

I have recently posted a status on my Facebook account about how demanding and unreliable house helpers are nowadays. Megan's nanny for almost 3 years finally said farewell to us because of some reason that she probably just came up with. I know because she informed my aunt last December that if we will not be living here (we're moving out soon right?) then she would just go home to the province. Oh I could go on ranting about why she doesn't want to leave this house. To summarize those rantings, she is just afraid of the real responsibility that she will face when we move to the new house. Although I am aware of how difficult it is to find a helper or a nanny these days, I did not bother to keep her anymore. Some people have to learn their lessons and I know she would when she realizes that she couldn't find another household who are as understanding as we are with her.

An expectant mother should be worried. But I wasn't. I just know that I will get a replacement in perfect time. And I did. The day before nanny "lilstartlet" (that's her facebook alias) left came the new nanny. If I am not mistaken, they are of the same age.

Day 0

Of course it went fine! We were all extra understanding and we expect that there will be an adjustment phase.

Day 1

I have always known that house helpers, like a courting man always put their best foot forward. But eventually, you will start to see their true self.

Yan and I woke up to the sound of Barbie playing on our macbook. Megan was already watching the DVD when we woke up. What went through my head was "who operated the laptop?" Maybe it was Yan but Yan was also surprised to find out that I didn't. When he was ejecting the DVD, it wouldn't eject. I was getting stressed. This hasn't happened before. We did all the troubleshooting steps we could think of but to no avail. So... Yan had to open the back of the macbook and manually remove the disk drive so we can remove the stuck DVD. While doing so, Megan showed me the cover of her Barbie DVD. I also saw the cover of her Bratz DVD so I asked where the DVD was. Megan said "its gone". I asked the nanny where it is. She shrugged and said she didn't know. A few minutes more, Yan was able to eject the Barbie DVD but he was surprised that another DVD ejected! There were two DVDs in the disk drive!!! Imagine my horror!

He immediately asked the nanny who put the second DVD in. She answered "hawak po ni Megan yan kanina". (Remember I asked her where the Bratz DVD was and she said she didn't know. But now she's saying that Megan had it. hhhmmm...) So who put the second DVD??? It could be Megan. She's so bright she knows where to put it. However, she should have been supervised. And the nanny is an adult who could have looked after her.

When I talked to Tita, she said she talked to the nanny and asked her if she put it in. She said "yes". Tita asked if she didn't know there was another DVD in, she said "yes"!!!

Ohhhh... what a first day! Like what our ethics supervisor once said "a character will always show itself no matter how you try to hide it,"

Lying and using things without asking permission on day 1; quite a revelation.

We have yet to get to know our new nanny. One thing is for sure... we will have CCTVs installed on the new house.

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