Day 12 of 2013: Beauty Finds Review

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Before my friend Jr's surprise birthday party yesterday (if you want to see what happened at the birthday, click HERE), I passed by Suesh (located at Trinoma) and bought two important tools for my makeup business. Since I am often busy, I sometimes run out of time in cleaning my makeup brushes. But all makeup artist know that hygiene is very important most specially in keeping your makeup brushes clean because we use it on our face.

Before this day, I used to clean my brushes using a baby shampoo and water. In a way, the process is hard because I have to ensure that all the dirt are removed. Most of the time, I have to do another round of cleaning.

I bought Parian Spirit, Professional Makeup artist brush cleaner and a new mixing plate for my liquid foundations. I am satisfied with the mixing plate just because I've been meaning to buy one ever since I started this extra career. 

Mixing Plate- 650 Php

Makeup Brush Cleaner- 340 Php

340 Php is a bit pricey for a brush cleaner but considering the less stress it would give you when cleaning your brushes, it must be good. I tried it and here is what happened.

First, I sprayed it directly on the bristles of my makeup brush and started rubbing it on a paper tissue. I was surprised that the dirt was sticking on the tissue like magic! It was indeed an easier way of cleaning makeup brushes because you do not need to wet your brushes with water which can sometimes remove the glue that holds all the bristles together. For the smaller brushes, I got a small cap and placed a small amount of the brush cleaner and just dipped the bristles before rubbing it on the tissue paper. Everything went to the tissue! It was that easy.
Sample of the makeup residue that came from my makeup brushes

I can say that this is a good buy! If you know other brush cleaner that works the same or far better, let me know too! I would love to try out other brands as long as they work. For now, I am happy with my purchase. :)

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