Day 9 of 2013: Throwback Wednesday- Must see: Les Miserables

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Music is a universal language. Isn't it that when we feel sad, we listen and sing-a-long to love songs? It's also the same when we're in love. Teens have their team song for their crushes. That's because it is very easy to express in a song the emotions we feel. For this reason I still could not understand why there are people who wouldn't appreciate a musical. Those are scripts in melodies.

I was in first year high school when I first saw Les Miserables on VHS. Our teacher did not give us a background, or maybe she did but I was not paying attention. All I remembered were the songs. My mind was very young to really understand the Victor Hugo masterpiece. But while I was listening, I fell in love. Like every broadway lovers, I dreamed of singing the songs on stage.

3 years passed, I was in my senior year. We were asked to create a spectacular school program which will be shown at a dinner with a cause. I don't really recall what the cause was. All I remember was it was the first time for our school to produce something grand (grand na yun at that time ha) and to use our newly built auditorium. It was grand because the auditorium was fully airconditioned, there's new lightings and a sound room where you can control every lights and sound. There's a dressing room at the back stage and to cut it short, everything was new.

High School "Me"

For the spectacular program, it was decided that the seniors will do an adaptation of 4 broadway musicals. Of course we took Les Miserables. I was sure to throw a fit if we didn't get it.  Ahahaha. It was impossible at the beginning. No expert was coaching us on how to do things. We just did it out of passion. Too much passion... we sang it live. Who would have thought. That year was the time when film cameras were the only cameras available. The videocameras were as big as those being used by television crews. We were already advanced just because we used lapel microphones. Now, you can practically do everything!

There are things that you will love till you're old. It maybe a movie, a song, a book that you will always go back to. Les Miserables has taken one spot in my heart. And for that, I wouldn't miss watching the movie this January. Just watching the trailer already gives me the shivers. I have a strong feeling I am going to cry at some parts. I strongly recommend others to watch it too. Its not because I love it but because the story, like what I said about music, is universal. Who does not know poverty? about fighting for your family? fighting for the people's voice? This is the broadway musical that I am sure your boyfriends will be able to understand unless they do not understand English. :)

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