Day 8 of 2013: It's sooo Hooottt!

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I wouldn't be surprised that the temperature is getting warmer and warmer everyday. But the worst thing that could happen is for your most relied upon airconditioning unit to break down when you need it the most. Yan bought our AC just before I gave birth to Megan. Given that, the unit is almost 4 years old now. It was laziness on our part not to ensure that we have it regularly checked. I only remember one time when we had it cleaned. After that- no more! 

It was working fine last Saturday night. When it's already cold, it normally goes to fan mode. When it did, that was the time when Yan turned it off. The next morning, when we turned it on- it was stuck in the fan mode forever. Oh you couldn't imagine our dismay! It was a hot day, PLUS!!! a pregnant woman feels extra warmer so I was already sweaty even if they weren't. It was really hot. Yan found an air cooler that was just in the sala. We used it because were desperate. However, it didn't work at all. The air became humid. The second night came and we were still without an AC. 

Today, we finally found someone to check it. The motor was busted. Manong priced us 3,500 Php for the new motor, the cleaning, and for freon. We didn't question the price anymore. We really wanted it repaired. And as of 630pm today, tada!!!! Our AC works like its brand new!!!

They say we always have to learn from events. What I learned from this is that we should all take good care of the things that give us goodness. Whatever it is, caring is needed. Like in a relationship, if you do not pause and give one proper care, it will breakdown eventually. Not all things can be repaired and can work like brand new. So... never neglect things and most specially people around you. 

And don't forget to apply this to yourself too. Sometimes, we work so hard for the people we love that we do not take the time to pause and check if our body is getting enough rest and nourishment that it needs. All we know is that we are still young and our body can take it. But remember that we have to take good care of our body not when it gets sick but when it is at its peak of good health. A lot of good products are available now to ensure that we maintain good health. It is up to us to take action. 

Now, I am happy because I know we'll all have a good sleep. 

It's going to be a cold night! :)

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