Zodiac Talk: Which animals are friends and not

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February is getting near. I have 4 important events on my list so far.

  • Chinese New Year- February 10
  • The Walking Dead - Season 3 - February 10
  • Valentine's Day- February 14
  • My full term
Life has been very good to our family so far. Thus, I couldn't really imagine how 2013 could be challenging for my sign, the Pig. As I said in my previous post about horoscopes, our reaction is all that matters. If we feel negative about events that didn't go our way, then we begin to dig our doom. But if we always smile and expect more good things to come, they will come. 

For those who want to know which Animal Zodiac will bring you a much easier year, I found this table from this site. It's a reference. :D

Here are some funny predictions for the PIG:

Wealth: A hard year may happen to them in finance. It is not suggested to lend money to others. Otherwise, it will be hard to get the money back. They also need to be thrifty to save some money for the unexpected use. Except that it is a little hard to earn money, they should make cautious investment for fear that they should be cheated. Anyway, as long as they make money as usual, they can well get through the year. 

Soooo... I am already announcing that there will be NO LENDING of MONEY from ME and ABRYAN. Kaya wag na i attempt. Hehehe.

Baby birth is not suggested in 2013 because the Chinese astrology says that the snake babies will not get along well with the pig parents.      
We are both PIG parents. So tell me how am I suppose to not give birth just because it's the year of the Snake? hahaha.

But of course I like the career part where it says we will get good opportunities!!!!

Overview: Good things will happen from time to time in 2013, such as moving to a new house, getting a better job and running a business. As long as they make more efforts, their fortune will get better. One more thing should be remembered is that they need to handle things carefully. 
Career: They will have good fortune this year. It will be comparatively easy to meet good opportunities to fully show their talents. As a result, they may get promotion. A kind suggestion is that they should not offend the leaders any time. If they want to change a job, they have to evaluate themselves in advance in case they are not suitable for the new positions.   

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