The Wildlife

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Travelling has always been my love but not commuting. My pregnancy has made it more difficult for me to get to places I want to go unless I would take a cab. Today, it was one of those days again where I had to explore by myself.

It was my first time at Parks and Wildlife. Nakakahiya naman considering the place is just in Quezon City. The entrance is only 8 pesos. Very cheap! However, I told myself I shouldn't be expecting a brochure with a map though it would really help so much for a first timer like me. I looked at the big map at the entrance but I just couldn't memorize it.

I roamed and got to the Wildlife Resource Center where I saw the animals that were being taken cared of. It was fun to be alone once in a while. For sure, I will be taking Megan here so she could see some animals live- in action!

Some of the animals in the Wildlife Resource Center

Checking out the scenery
There's so many areas in the place that I haven't really gone to yet. But I am glad to know that a park like this exists in Quezon City! Keep it up!

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