Let's talk about Bathroom!

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One of the best parts in a married life is moving to a place of your own. Although Yan and I have been living in together for almost 3 to 4 years, we really skipped the part of moving out of my house. First, I was not ready to move out yet. Second, Megan is best taken cared of when my aunts are with us. I get to work at that time without worrying about my then, very young baby.

But now that we're married, a sudden change of atmosphere swept me. It's time to live on our own. (Well we should have done it a long time ago anyway!) We have been looking for our new "house to be". Manila being too crowded gives couples more option if they would be looking for areas like Cavite, Las Pinas, Bulacan, Fairview, and all other faraway places. We removed Condos from our list because we want to be able to own a land and renovate it, build a house the way we want to.

For now, with baby Abraham coming soon, we can't risk getting a house that's far because if the time comes when I will have to give birth and Yan is in the office, who will help me get to the hospital? Or take care of me after giving birth? Some people will say "you'll get by" but I really do not want to wait and see.

Soooo... we're moving to a place near our hearts (still in Malabon). And we're having it renovated! I have been looking at bathroom ideas because I am very sure that we'll have it totally changed.

Here are some of the images I love to see materialize. All photos are courtesy of Home Interior Designs http://www.besthomedesigns.org/

For now I have picked simple designs for a small space. It feels so exciting!!!! Next up... I need some ideas for book shelves. Since I am a teacher by profession, my books are part of who I am. Thus, if I move out, I have to bring my books with me. It's time to research.

If you have other resources for bathroom ideas, let me know. It would be a big help! And if you could share the best places to buy tiles and bathroom accessories that are affordable, send me a message too. 2013 is going to be great!

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