A Happy Christmas

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Before this day ends, I would like to greet everyone a Merry Christmas! This year, the people we have met and interacted with have been a part of the learnings and happiness which made 2012 such a wonderful year.

For sure everyone has their story of Christmas eve and Christmas itself. I would just like to thank my husband for his gift for me. Since he knew I couldn't drink coffee and will not be able to complete the Starbucks planner, he gave me the end product as a present!

My husband's first gift 

Our Christmas Eve went so well by going to the chapel to hear mass before Noche Buena, having a fun filled Noche Buena, and enjoying ourselves as we sing using the videoke.

Megan singing with Daddy

And on Jesus' birth day, it was all about kids... Our kids and the kids of the parents who went to our house for the usual aguinaldo giving. But we must always remember that Christmas is not about the new clothes, the food, the gadgets, the money that we, or our children get. It is about spending the day with your family and filling the day with LOVE.

It was indeed a happy Christmas not just for the kids but to us, the kids at heart, as well. I think I will never make myself used to any other Christmas than the one that we celebrate here at Longos. They always say that in traditions, you can always add something new, but the goal or the essence should be kept intact.

Family is all about LOVE. No matter how big the family gets, it is important that they come back to their roots and appreciate everything that they have.

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