December is a time to rejoice!

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December has always been, for most, the most favorite month of the year. One of the best reasons of course would be Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ. As I have mentioned, November was the best month for me. Second to it would be December. Nobody can't deny the happiness on people's face when they get to receive their 13th month pay, get to schedule and meet with friends they haven't seen regularly, visit relatives, buy themselves a gift or gifts for others, attend Christmas parties and get to be bonggacious once in a year.

And when it comes to looking fabulous, that's when I come in and help. I have always enjoyed making people look their best.

Looking at my Facebook newsfeed, there were a lot of people who got married last 12.12.12. They said the date is lucky because there will never be another three repetitive numbers again for a date. It was memorable for me too because I was invited to make 11 ladies more beautiful as they attend a wedding. I was at Lancaster Hotel early in the morning with my two assistants. It was a different experience because most of the clients we did were the titas of the bride. To be honest, they were very demanding. But they were fun to be with! Imagine, they have their own makeups and false eyelashes that they wanted to use. And for best customer service, you always give what your client wants. :)

Makeup artist at work

The blessings didn't stop that day. The next day, I went to C3 Events place to make 3 lovely ladies more beautiful in their Filipiniana costumes. I did their hairstyles too! And while I was in the middle of the makeup session, I was invited to judge the company's group presentation and beauty contest. Since I had no commitments after the makeup session, I gladly accepted the invite. I was just a little psyched that I might not be dressed for the occassion. But it really didn't matter! I enjoyed seeing the presentations and I laughed together with the crowd for the performances of people I do not even know! That was really an experience.

December is indeed festive and it hasn't ended yet. Let's celebrate everyday for life and for the wonderful things God has given us all.

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