What happened after the Proposal?

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It has been a month and two days since Abryan proposed. Right after the fleeting feeling that I will get married, the preparations have to happen. I was very comfortable with a civil wedding. That was what we originally planned. I was not really in the mood, and I don't think I am that type of woman, to tediously plan for a church wedding. Like my closest friends used to say, I was always one of the boys. But after the "pamamanhikan", my mother, who is based in Hongkong talked to Yan and they decided that a church wedding is always better.

So why is it better? I had to try to understand why I would agree with a church wedding since I already had my mind set on a civil one.

For our parents.

Not just for mine, or for any bride of that matter. I just realized how any parent would love to see their daughter or son receive God's blessing through the church. Since my family is still traditional, I know they would really be glad if the church bells ring.

For God

For those who know our love story, the beginning of our relationship wasn't ideal. We went through a lot of trials and we both believe that it's just right that we put God in the middle of our relationship as husband and wife. IDK, saying our vows in front of the altar will forever remind us that we did not only make a promise to each other but to God as well.

And all the other things we've learned in our pre-cana seminar made me realize that a church wedding is not just a "paper" signed legally, it is a commitment to God that we will forever love each other.

So how long do we have to prepare for this wedding?

2 months!

It's exciting.

I would really want to have it next year but this year has got to be THE year. Having a lot of time to myself, I have the opportunity to really be hands-on in the preparation.

This wedding website was made a few weeks after the proposal...


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