Good Times!

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There are times when you feel lost and that there is nothing good happening. But like what my mentors always say, sometimes there are things that you just have to outlast. And after that, things will start to get better again.

And it did!

And here are the things that I would celebrate for!

  • Boi is turning anew! 
* I forgot that he hasn't made this known to others yet so... Ang daldal ko talaga! Chaka na nga pag na announce niya na. :)
  • We will watch Phantom of the Opera this September 
After postponing buying the tickets for some time, Boi and I finally decided to purchase our tickets! I can't imagine my regret if I don't see this masterpiece.
ANTHONY Downing as Raoul
Photo Credit:
Claire Lyon as Christine
Photo taken from:

This is one of the grandest productions in Broadway. If you want a glimpse of how grand it is, check the pictures below.

So if you haven't bought your tickets yet, there are still a few good dates available. Make sure to check Ticketworld for the best seats!

  • Car Insurance for Total Loss in the process
After a series of follow ups, our car insurance is now processing what we will get for the misfortune we had on our car. Boodha was unfortunately flooded while parked in our garage during the HABAGAT days. The flood was so high we couldn't do anything to save it. HOPEFULLY (crossing my fingers), we can get a new car SOON.

  • An underwater digital camera
It's not really a need because we do not have plans of going to the beach yet but I would really like a handy camera so I do not have to bring the bulky Canon that we have. As for which camera, we are still deciding between Canon D20
or Lumix TS4

And there are other good things coming which I would like to share when they're official.
It really helps in one's motivation to write about the good things that they are experiencing. It makes one realize more the blessings that God is continuously giving.

So if you are experiencing a not so good time, just remember that it's not going to rain all the time. Expect for that sunshine and be excited!

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