A Beautiful Wedding!

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Applause! Congratulations to my bestpren RJ for marrying his dream girl Angel! After 11 years of relationship, I am just glad that though they were married in the US, they still decided to have another wedding here in the Philippines for their relatives, friends, and all their loved ones.

How do you make a marriage work forever?

The priest said there should be two important things: PATIENCE and KINDNESS.
There might be some things about your partner that you WILL never accept- but PATIENCE will solve this for you. And there would be times when you would want to pack your bags and leave, but if you remember your partner's KINDNESS, you will eventually unpack.

There are a lot of things in between which would really be hard to understand. Nevertheless, it takes a LOT of EFFORT to make a marriage work. Most say that it is worth it.

This wedding is the most elegant one I've seen so far. Too bad we had to leave a little early because of some "no Yaya issues" with Megan.

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