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I was a newcomer when I entered high school in a Catholic school. From having only two sections per year level, and knowing almost everyone in school when I was in Elementary, transferring to a bigger school really is a challenge for all teens, I should say.

On my first day in highschool, all I know was that my section was I-St. Vincent. Then, I met my advisor, Mrs. Victoria Cahanding. Maybe it is true that there are some memories that you will never forget. And surely, a big part of who I am today started in that little room, with an adviser who has played a very big role in my development.

I don't really remember a lot about highschool maybe because my memory isn't that sharp as it ised to be. I only have snapshots of the things that happened in that four years. What I vividly remember was joining an English Club in first year (or was it theater arts club?). On the first day, there really wasn't an agenda. The moderator, who happened to be my adviser too had us watch a broadway play in the classroom. That was the first broadway play I ever watched. Though I didn't understand the story, I was captivated by the music. Every scene was etched in my brain. I fell in love with Les Miserables. It was the start of me loving BROADWAY MUSICALS. That weekend, I asked my guardian to take me to the mall and buy me a soundtrack of Les Miserables. I got in in cassette tape. (kids... you probably don't know what that is anymore. do your research)
At that time, there was only dial-up internet connection. So imagine how long it would take me to browse Yahoo and look for the lyrics of my favorite song from the soundtrack, Eponine's On my Own. And because I love it, I listened and wrote the lyrics from what I understood. Para-paraan lang! it was my first love.

Out of all the lessons in first year, I will never forget the exam wherein we were asked to deliver "Invictus" and... an oration for the girls entitled "Medea". Would you believe that I still have these two memorized till now. So what is an oration? As a freshman, I had no idea how to do it. But my adviser shocked the class when she started performing Medea. It was like watching in a theater. Mrs. Cahanding was full of emotions. After she was done, our jaws dropped with amazement. This is where my "Medea" performance in college originated. My performance of Medea evolved and I was lucky to be chosen to perform this on video for Constel- Continuing Education Via Television, a program aired on PTV 4 aimed at bringing education accessible through media. However, I didn't get the chance to see it on TV. I know my University had a copy of it. :)

From that period of my life, I realized what talents I have in me. I knew my heart beats for performing. And in every activity where performing is required, I made sure I excelled in it. After performing Medea in front of the class, my adviser said something which inspired me so much. "I see myself in you. Your eyes can show a lot of emotions." 

Because of these experiences, because of my adviser, English became my favorite subject. I became the go-to-person when it comes to plays. Time stopped for me the moment she started teaching. This is where it all began. I took up Education major in English because it was the closest thing to Theater Arts. After I graduated, I had no intention of working at once. But then, Mrs. Cahanding asked my younger sister if I wanted to apply as a teacher because she is leaving the school. I tried my luck. I did a demo teach, I can't remember who the panelist were but I know she was there. It ended with me getting the slot that she left. Starting there, I was doing what she did- teaching- inspiring. 

It is true that a person has the power to influence others to become good or bad. And sometimes, without us knowing, our inspiration becomes a part of who we are. 

June 14, 2012, my adviser, Mrs. Victoria Cahanding passed away. It's a sad news because 61 is still a young age. I wrote this blog to let her know, wherever she is now that she has served her purpose on earth. She has inspired and changed a lot of lives. One of those was mine. Thank you so much. You will forever be in my memory. And this is how I will remember you. Rest in Peace.

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