Want to know your future???

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It is not unknown to my close friends that I love anything that has to do with horoscopes, zodiac signs and finding out about the future. The Bible said not to believe in this things. I understand completely. However, I do not use them so they could decide for me. I 100% exercise God's given free will. 

When my friend Mhay invited me for a fortune reading- I adjusted my schedules so I can attend it. 
She was really looking for one, and he is the best that she was able to find. 

Before the reading, I was a little surprised when he said something about the reason why my friend wanted her fortune read. Imagine... it was before pulling out any tarot cards! It was surprising because he was right!

So after my friend, I couldn't resist not finding out what he could possibly see in my future. But again, as I said... I like challenging "fate" because I know we MAKE our own FATE. Not going to go to details about what we he told us but I am happy about the reading. Since I have gone to a number of readers too, I always make sure that I do not talk to much and give out information which could give the reader a clue about my life. Let's just say that if he can truly SEE it, then he will SAY it. Right?
And so far, he has gotten more positive checks than negative points. Of course this is a reading-- something will definitely be said wrong depending on how it was read. 

But was I like about the fortune teller AUGUST is that he is kind. He even gave us rituals if we want something for relationship, or career. These rituals are for free. And mind you, you invoke angels in your prayer. 

During my desperate times years ago, I have tried rituals too which of course didn't work. Maybe its because they are more like spells than prayers. hahaha. But what I am sure works is the power of the Universe: The LAW OF ATTRACTION.

If you are new to this, I highly suggest you READ or WATCH "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. It will tell you why some people are successful and why others just keep getting bad events in their lives. 

Here are the few pictures we took from the meeting.
Roan, Mhay and Me
with August

If you want to contact August, visit his FB page here.

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