To LIVE a 100 years old? (Inspired by the New Coca Cola Commercial)

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You’ve probably seen Lolo Mario. He’s a 100 year old grandfather who visited his granddaughter when she gave birth. And while he was travelling to the city to see the baby, he was giving his message for this little one.

My name is Lolo Mario

And in my 100 years of life

I have been lucky

Lucky to have been born like you

To have friends and family

To live happy to this day

You have been born in challenging times

The world is a big place

It’s easy to get lost

To guide you, my advice is simple


Time flies so fast

Don’t waste it on nonsense

And no matter where you end up

Don’t forget where you came from

Looking back on all my years

I am grateful for every moment spent

with my friends and family

Now I can see that 100 years IS NOT ENOUGH TIME

to spend with them

Happiness is your birthright

Your friends and family will help you find it.

I have watched this video over and over and I love its’ message.

We are winners!

We were all born winners. Conception, was the first battle that we have won. Imagine how many sperms fought their way to live. Out of the millions, YOU were the strongest! Nobody was born a LOSER. It is just a state of mind that some people chose to accept as their personality. Think of the people who were born with disabilities, people who are sick who might be happier if they were given what you have now, a complete and healthy body. So before you complain about your salary, your love life, the domestic issues with your parents/relatives, why don’t you think first of your blessings.

Learn to be strong

True indeed that we live in challenging times. One’s life can easily be influenced by merely watching the television (without proper guidance (for kids)), listening to unhealthy music, being with negative people etc… When I was younger, I remember how my aunt and parents would always tell me to choose my friends. By “choosing” they meant not by social status or face value but by their values. And this is a never ending habit that should extend beyond picking friends. You can never go wrong with interacting and being with positive people. Whatever thoughts or advice you believe in becomes you. You have to be careful.

Value relationships

TIME FLIES SO FAST. If everyone can only realize how true this is, maybe they’d lessen their time watching soap operas or playing video games and do something of importance. One’s life can be so busy that he doesn’t even know what it is that will make him happy. We were given a purpose in life. There is always a reason why we were born. And unless we realize what that is, we will continue to be lost, discontented, and we will get tired of life. Others get so busy with work or their business that they neglect their relationships with the people they love. It is “being with them” that really counts. So do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Say and show how much your loved ones mean to you.

Find your purpose in LIFE

In a couple of presentations I did, I have asked the question “Do you want to live till 100?” I was surprised by those people who answered “No” I respect their reasons. They do not want to look old, or do not want to live that old and be sickly. Well, who says being a 100 means you’re weak and will get sick. Look at Lolo Mario! (skip the part where he drinks Coke which isn’t really advisable- maybe on special occasions)

Quoting a book that I’ve read. Dr. Bernie Siegel found that he could predict which of his cancer patients would go into remission by asking the same question that I asked. “do you want to live to be one hundred?” Those with a deep sense of purpose answered yes and were the ones most likely to survive. And yes again for Lolo Mario’s statement that 100 years is not enough time if you are living happily on earth. 

Make your body HEALTHY

One of the next important thing after finding your happiness is to take care of your health. How will you get to live to a hundred when you do not even take care of your body? do not even care about the food that you eat? or you stress yourself everyday? I chose the word “MAKE” because for me it is a MUST nowadays for people to LEARN how to be healthy. You can join fun runs to be fit but if you are not eating the right food that your body needs, you will still be prone to sickness.

So how do you get to 100?

1. Eat the right food

2. Exercise

3. Take the effective VITAMINS (I can help!)

4. Do not stress yourself

5. Be happy as often as you could by doing what you love and being with the people you care most


This is the time to be grateful for life! Find your purpose and you’ll find your happiness. Value yourself, your health and live to be a hundred with the people you love the most. Now who wants to reach a hundred years old?

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