Find where Gemmalyn masungit is…

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When I was teaching in high school years ago, a lot of students thought that I was a snob, “masungit”, and unapproachable just because of a simple thing… I rarely smile. Yet those who really got to know me would know who I really am. My students told me before to smile. And when I was a trainer and was asked to do a training demo, again, the feedback I got was that I do not smile. It made me look so serious. So my major AFI even before was to smile!

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Smiling is not new to me. But oftentimes, my smile is good for the flash of the cameras and on events when my excitement is through the roof!

Until, I saw myself in this video that we took last New Year’s Eve. Captured was my very “masungit” facial expression (complete with rolling eyes). I never thought I looked so “mataray” until I saw myself.

Thus, part of the things that I will be improving is to START SMILING often! It may feel awkward at first but like the saying goes, WATCH YOUR HABITS FOR THEY BECOME YOUR CHARACTER. So if you see me with a smile pasted on my face, be kind for I am just developing the habit of SMILING!!!!


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