My Memorable Timeline

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Which one do you have more, memories or dreams? I was asked this question this year. Surprisingly, I have more memories than dreams. And we were told that for us to be successful in life, we should have MORE dreams. (Okay, maybe that part I have to work on really… really hard) They say that if you have more memories than dreams, it means you cannot let go of the past- or you live in the past which hinders you from seeing what great things you can do and look forward to in the future. (awwww!)

Well, right! Memories should be there to keep us happy when we are down. And true, our dreams should be more than our memories. But let me take some time to check what my TIMELINE would look like. It really gives one a lot of pride and happiness to know that you’ve developed good friendships that withstand time. These are the flashbacks that you would want to see when your skin is already wrinkled.

I met 13 unique individuals when I was in second year highschool (St. Peter). And from there, these individuals became one Barkada which grew together and is continuously growing with our significant other and our growing family.


Nene and Totoy looks… Feels like the TGIS times… Nananana… nanana… nanana… I’m walking on sunshine… woo ohhh… Sige na nga… memory lane nman… for those who cannot relate, you can check the opening credits.

Thanks to this kind of youth oriented show (wholesome). Come to think of it, I think this played a big role in inspiring not just our barkada but other barkadas of our time to bond so strong. really!!!


And from then on… we’ve grown together, grown apart physically but there is still this invisible rope that connects all of us.








IMG_2214 b

We’ve made so many good memories together and that is something that should not be forgotten but instead be the battery that keep us motivated to make more happy memories together. My friends Jeri Paul, RJ and Ryan might not be with us due to distance but we are still one and WE MISS THE THREE OF YOU!!!!

Sabi nga ni LOLO MARIO sa Coca Cola Commerical, have FRIENDS AND FAMILY and LIVE HAPPY EVERYDAY. Never waste your time on nonsense. I am happy that I have not wasted my time in finding true friends. Thank you Lord for making me realize how much you have blessed all of us with the gift of friendship!

If you will create your own TIMELINE, what would it look like? =)

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