What makes one beautiful?

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Each of us possesses characteristics or features that make us stand out from the crowd. It could be your eyes, your nose, your cheekbones, your smile, your hair or a combination of all of these. Since I am the first born, I grew up having tons of pictures at a very young age. I then realize what my best features are and have learned to accept that my other features were part of me being human, imperfect but still beautifully crafted by God.

Puberty was the time when I learned how to be creative. Stage plays brought out the makeup artists in me. And from that time, I have always loved making people more beautiful!

This December of course is not an exception. With all the Christmas parties from left to right, I enjoyed having a busy December with my Clients.

My most challenging task was doing the 1950s hairstyle. I haven’t really gone through formal Hairstyling school so I really had to study how to do it.


PSRC Xmas1

And one of my favorites was the NO OTHER WOMAN makeups I did for my friend Nenz and her colleague. It was really fun seeing both of them- I really felt like I did a makeup for Kara and Charmaine. =)

KARA’s Makeup

PSRC Xmas2


PSRC Xmas3

And here are pictures of us together.

PSRC Xmas4

And lastly, my sister attended her Christmas party and was in the mood of saving money going to a parlor. Thus, she made use of the available resource she has- her eldest sister’s talent! I did her makeup and helped her choose what to wear too. Oh how I love the end result of her look!


Special thanks to Say Artillero for the boxes of false eyelashes I bought from her from the Trinket Bazaar. And for my sister’s necklace, we got it from Tinderella love Brazillda.

It’s fulfilling to see happy clients. This has not only been just a hobby, it has developed to a passion to help other people realize how beautiful they are. A makeup can further show the brilliant personality one has. What makes one beautiful is not just the physical features but also their radiating personality!

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