A Family Christmas

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This is by far the most different Christmas I’ve ever had. Like what I said in my facebook status before, I would rather give money than give gifts this Christmas and I think I was able to do that. I was praying that my godchildren will realize the value of money and would spend, invest or save their aguinaldos wisely.

It’s the first time that I was not expecting any gifts for myself. Somehow, gifts didn’t really matter to me. What I treasure the most is my family’s happiness. This year, I was very glad that I get to spent Noche Buena, Christmas, and all the days after that with my family when years ago, Christmas would just pass by and then I would have to think of work again the next day. Isn’t that sick?

And this celebration became more meaningful everytime I saw Megan’s face lit up whenever she opened he gifts. She made us all very happy.



Although I wasn’t expecting gifts, I still got some. And they really know how to make me smile. I guess I am very easy to please. chocolates are the way to my heart! I remember when I was still working and stressed, I would go to 711 to buy any chocolate. After eating, I would be ready for another battle. This year though, I got more chocolates and ate them in one sitting. Hence, I know have sore throat! haha.

My Christmas was spent not just with my De Olazo family but also with Yan’s family. The feeling of seeing how our family got extended also showed me why its always preferred to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones.



Merry Christmas to all those I haven’t greeted yet because of my hectic Holiday schedule. We still have New Year!

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