Trinket Town Bazaar!

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Super fast post. Yesterday was a "Bed" weather day. Nobody wanted to go out and would rather stay in bed to sleep. The bad thing there was, I was not one of them. I have already planned on going to the Trinket Town Bazaar at II Terazo Mall at Tomas Morato. What for? Would you believe it? Just for faux lashes! I have makeup gigs this December and imagine 10 sets of faux lashes just for 150Php... that would really be a HUGE saving! I know I will really regret it if I will not be able to go there to buy lashes from Say Artillero.

Finally, after some drama here and there to Boi, we finally drove to Tomas Morato and got there around 3pm. The Bazaar's space is not that big but it's full of beautiful and fashionable things to buy. However, I told myself I will not be overspending this Christmas. Thus, we went directly to for booth #25 and finally!!!!!

Yey!!!! I can definitely say now that I have saved a lot!!! Plus, I was able to see Say Tioco Artillero personally. Too bad we didn't bring my camera. You can view her Youtube channel here. I regret not going around though because Say was able to find NYX Cosmetics being sold. Awww... You can check her post about the bazaar here.

I also got an Ellana Loose Mineral Powder. Gosh I so love this one. I'll put a review on this later.

For now, I really have to go. 10:25 on my watch. Have to leave by 11am. Wish me luck!!!!!

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