December is B.U.S.Y.

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I will definitely have to write this entry fast because I only have 1 hour left before I start preparing myself for business meetings. Anyway, last November 30, Boi and I celebrated our 4th year Anniversary. Yey! We didn't really have the time to go out of town because of our busy schedule.


We went to Shangrila and had a sumptuous dinner at Circles. I have missed this place a lot!

My First Plate

I regret wearing my red dress because I wasn't comfortable running around chasing Megan. Talk about losing poise! 

And the best part of it all, I really love the desserts. No need to worry about getting fat. I can just take Nutrimeal for that! Megan of course had a blast with the cakes and sweets!

Who would resist the chocolate fondue??

Le Pavilion!

Next stop was AboitizJebsen's Christmas Party. It's not known to a lot that my uncle is a 2nd mate officer in an international cargo shipping. Whenever he is not in the Philippines for Christmas, we (family members) take turns in attending the company party. This year, it's my turn.  
My Tita and Me

Waiting for the Buffet to open
The issues of seafarers and their families are not new to me. My parents are OFWs too so I can very well relate to the feeling of celebrating birthdays and special occasions without them. I am just thankful to God because He gave me and my sisters loving uncles and aunts who took the responsibilities of my parents as we grew up. We didn't feel deprived of love at all. We understood that everything is for us. 

I just found out that there were a number of seafarers who are being held by SOMALI pirates. A hundred plus of them are Filipinos. Really?! I thought pirates were a thing of the past and that they only exist in Pirates of the Carribean. However, that is not the case. They pirate ships for their cargo (goods) and they held the seafarers and torture them too. Imagine what trauma this causes the victims and their families. But we can HELP! We can go to, put your name, email address and country. This will send an email to our government to take action on Piracy!

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