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Before the year 2011 started, I had wished for it to be, the least, kind to me. My life wasn’t that great but it wasn’t that bad either. I was an Assistant Training Manager handling two accounts. Come to think of it, I was already blessed to get the position because a lot of people spent years as a trainer without getting the opportunity that I was given. The stress that I experienced in the first quarter of the year made me see everything in a negative light. Now, in the last day of 2011, it was true after all that this year was very good to me.
I continued to learn how to become an effective manager. There were challenges which showed me how I deal with different attitudes of people I encountered. I saw my strong side and the things I need to improve on.
With my Manager
Training BELL- Wacky
with my Training team






One achievement I am very much proud of is the opportunity to graduate in Maquillage Professionel. My friend Mich planned to open a Photography business and she said she would need a makeup artist. I have always loved makeups. My highschool and college friends relied to me on this whenever we have school plays. Thus, I never thought twice on enrolling myself to a professional Makeup school. And it was a right move. Though the photography business has not materialized yet, I have started my career as a freelance Makeup artist. My weakness now is going to any makeup store because I know I will end up buying a lot of things to add to my collection. I managed to finish my own website entitled Makeup by Gem Taopo and have started a makeup tutorial video which I have forgotten to update because of my busy schedule.


301456_2373010131969_1452021167_32744701_1527396255_nPhotography Makeup by Gem Taopo
Some of my classmates in Makeup Forever Academy with our instructor Mio Robo

And the greatest about the year of the rabbit was that I took a path that is so different from what I was taught and was used to, I couldn’t thank the Lord for the knowledge that was shared to me.  After 8 years of being an employee, I was able to resign and give up the path I thought will give me financial success. One could say that it’s not all about the money but the fulfillments you get. But I believe that one thing is common to us all, our need to give happiness to the people we love- That for me is the greatest fulfillment. IMG_1433



Having just enough is not enough. I realized that dreams should not be adjusted based on our salary or on our savings. Dream big and find ways to achieve it. We often think why the rich gets richer but a few really takes the risk in asking them how they did it and apply the advice that they give. Safely put, I learned how to think big and to take my mindset off from a 60k monthly income.
I had Danlyn’s Videoke Bar and Restaurant managed by my aunt, and I became a fulltime businesswoman in one of U.S.’ top 5 best companies to invest in by Forbes. I have a long way to go towards my goals but its good to know that the path I am in can take me there faster.
So much as changed and it is true that when I look back at my life, I’d be glad that I took the risk because things are more exciting now. Challenges will always be there but I know that I am being developed to live life literally “to the fullest.”
It takes the right time, the right attitude, and most important of all- the right opportunity to succeed. I learned that in our grandparents’ days, they taught their children to study hard so they can graduate and get a good job- then they’ll be rich and successful. However, that is not applicable in our days anymore. Imagine how many people from different industry are in the call center because their profession doesn’t pay as much. In our era, you have to be creative to be successful. All those who play it safe will just live for survival.
2011 is a year of realization, knowledge and acceptance for me. I hope, like everybody else, that 2012 will bring more blessings.

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