TIME, Website and Makeup Tutorial!

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It depends on how you look at and value time, really. Some think they can't get enough and some think they have a lot. But in reality, if you find out you only have a few hours, worse, a few minutes left, wouldn't you spend it by doing the most important thing that matters to you?

You got it right, I've already seen the movie. However, this is not a review about it. It would be best if you watch Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried's movie "In Time".

And since we are speaking of time, I HAVE to find the time to post about the things that I have already started. First is my official website! Yey! Apart from the business that I am in, I have loved makeups ever since time in memorial. It has now become my part time job!

Presenting… Makeup By Gem Taopo
And a few of my friends have been asking if I could start a makeup tutorial online. Truth is, I have never really done anything like that before. There is a big difference when you do personal makeup and makeup on screen. Yet, I always want to learn from experience so, after a long time of editing, cutting to make sure everything fits in less than 10 minutes, I finally finished my first makeup video.
In My Arms Inspired Makeup
This makeup is best done with cream eyeshadows. In this tutorial however, I used the Sleek pallette that I just bought from last weekend’s Supersale Bazaar at the World Trade Center.

I hope the Cyber Bullies don’t find me! =D
Youtube username is: fordiamond
This is the pallette that I used in this video.
It was really fun doing this. As I said, I just hope the cyber bullies don’t find me! Trust me, the makeup looks better in face to face.


My eye color is brown and that’s not a contact lens. I hope the video helps!

Always remember that we should make every second of our lives worth it. Do not be contented in doing the same thing over and over. Live life by doing the things you love and by helping others.


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