Goodbye October!

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A couple more events were squeezed in my already hectic October.

Bea celebrated her first birthday!!! We didn't anticipate the heavy traffic that we got stuck into when we left at 9am Sunday morning. All Saints Day was just around the corner so everybody was rushing to their provinces for this day. A travel of 40 minutes from Monumento to Munoz was not a very happy site. But, what is important was that we got there to be a part of Bea's celebration!

Daddy Tim, Mommy Kaye and Bea

Wearing Pink- great minds think alike!

with Budda Bee
Loving the games!

 After an hour, we had to rush to a meeting in a friend's house in Mandaluyong. Had a very good merienda. Ibang klase talaga ang pansit na galing Motmot. hehe. That meeting was filled a lot of surprises. The meeting was held for everyone to continue dreaming and to always keep in mind that we should not let temporary hindrances stop us from changing the lives of people for the better. I was touched seeing this video that Raymond made for the team. We really have come a long way.

October taught me to value the people I love. As much as possible, we should spend time with them and keep connected. Life is better lived when we spread the love.

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