Red Wine for Your Skin

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Looking young is not just a dream these days. A lot of skin care clinics offer treatments and even surgery to bring back one's younger looking image. However, I would rather stay away from needles and cosmetic surgery just because there are natural ways to keep ourselves looking young. But mind you, it is easier to preserve the beauty that God has given to you than to try to get back years of youthfulness that you've already lost.

I am not a fan of lotions because I hate the greasy feeling and I disgust it when it mixes with sweat in a hot day. I don't want to lock myself in an air conditioned building all the time. So now, I am going to share a very effective way to keep your skin soft and smooth.


You've probably heard about Teri Hatcher bathing in red wine. This was also written in The Book of Hollywood Secrets. This bath is very good for all skin types. Red wine has polyphenols which are great antioxidants and antiaging. All you need to do is to pour a glass of red wine in running water and soak your body for 20 minutes!


If you don't have a bath tub to soak yourself into, then you can try LUSH Gloff Shower Gel which is a limited-edition wintery shower gel inspired by a festive Swedish mulled wine. The formula is infused with warming organic red wine, brandy and spice oils to get circulation flowing down to your toes and heat up those cold, sore muscles.


For some, the red wine bath might not be economically feasible. People nowadays are wise. They want to get more value for their money. If you want to maintain a youthful skin and a healthier body, check out Proflavanol. It is your "red wine tablet". It has a generous amount of grape seed extract in each tablet offering superior antioxidant protection. It is 20x more potent than your regular Vitamin C and 50x more potent from regular Vitamin Es. This is why it helps in keeping the skin youthful most specially if you are prone to pimples or acne. Do your research. I don't think there's a product that's offers better benefits for the skin (other than Proflavanol C100- a higher version)

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We need a better way of living. What you eat is what you are. Diseases and skin degeneration do not show at a young age but your body will show the signs after 10 years. Why waste your money for surgery when you can preserve your youth not tomorrow... but TODAY. Go and take your red wine bath or take Proflavanol for a healthy glowing skin. You'll be glad to never hear the word "You look STRESSED today!"


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