Who you want to be...

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How do you really go out of your comfort zone? It is really scary, come to think of it. It is just like that moment when you transfer to another school or university, when you were asked to join a club for the first time and didn't know what to expect, when you first entered in a relationship, the first time you cut classes, the first time you sneaked out to a party, the first time you tried commuting, your first ride in a taxi... You tried all those for a reason. At one point, you didn't care whether people told you not to do it because it's dangerous. What you know is that you have this yearning to do it to enjoy, to learn, to experience.

Be a child at heart.

That means not being afraid to try out new things, explore new industries, and discover who else you could become other than what you told yourself you would be.

Some people realized they wanted to become a lawyer someday and that's where all their decisions were based. But that same lawyer never thought he/she would become a father, or a mother, a businessman, a social worker... We can all become more than what we thought we could be. All we need is to keep on believing, take action, and pursue that dream.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. It is the time of rebirth.

Who else do you want to be?

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