What else happened this January?

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It's already February and I have missed a lot of supposed to be entries for January because I have been busy. With all the freelance projects I have been doing with some colleagues, I had to put a halt on them by February to take all the rest I would be needing in preparation for my delivery. I am on my 35th week today and I couldn't wait to give birth to Abraham.

Part of the project that we did was to test run the facilitator's guide that we did with college students. I was really blessed that Our Lady of Fatima University eagerly offered to have the test run in their campus when the original expected university was somewhere in Manila. It saved me all the hassle of long travels and traffic.

I love freelance work because you manage your time (this past week was an exception of course); you can double or triple your income depending on the projects that you can handle; and there is no tax! Some people would rather work in one company for stability but who wants to work till their retirement  year? I certainly do not want that. In this age, all you have to do is open your mind and focus on earning more and investing your money wisely so you do not have to work your butt off, kill yourself for doing overtime, and develop degenerative diseases which will definitely empty your savings account. In this day, the more sources of income, the merrier!

For the 6 days that I spent in OLFU, I realized how good it feels to teach young minds again. It brings me back to the time when I was in college and had dreams that were a little different from the dreams I have now. Nevertheless, it was the time when I thought of becoming a theater actress and an English teacher. Just like in the movies, it was inspiring to get a job and still make a living from your passion. If these young minds were mentored well, greatness is within their reach.

For that, we are very pleased to become a part of this big project in the country that aims to make graduates more competent so they could easily get that job that they want. Soon, the difference will be felt.

After the last day, I knew I was going to miss teaching students.

Now, it's about time I tune to my body's needs. February (crossing my fingers) will be my rest and relaxation month. Abraham has been very cooperative for the past months while I was busy with projects and events here and there. It's about time I get a "Me and Abraham" time!

Cheers to life's great and random blessings!

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