A hooola party

11:49 PM gem 0 Comments

The temperature outside is outrageous! I couldn’t thank my air conditioner enough for bringing me the best comfort through these kind of times. Its really a relief too when you beat the heat by swimming to a cool water whether it be your shower, a pool, or the beach.

Of course, almost all of my barkada were present when we were invited to the first birthday of Saav. Every child is definitely special and birthdays are one occasion that should not be missed. Most specially this one (because it’s a pool party!). Okay, this is not for my pleasure but for Megan of course! I’ve already had my share of sunburns and till now, I have patches of discoloration on my shoulders and legs! So much for bathing in Boracay and Puerto Galera huh.

And above is a picture of our growing barkada. It’s always a blessing to have friends with you then, NOW, and decades more. Happy Birthday Saav!

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