Day 3 of 2013: Tiles and Beds

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Today, we checked out tiles for the room that we're having renovated. The house is nearly complete. The walls have been painted white, which I wanted. This morning, we already ordered the tiles that Yan and I agreed on. Once it's been glued to the flooring, the carpenters will proceed in making the creative double deck that we want for Megan and (upcoming) Abraham. 

Which is good?

We're crossing our fingers that we can start moving in by the end of January. 

Here are samples of the bunk beds that I've been eyeing for our kids! 

Aren't they the cutest? I've been researching online where we could buy beds like these. I found some but their price is really "whoa!". It's always a plus if you know a good carpenter. Just show them the picture and they'll make it for you at a cheaper price!

We're really excited!

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