Day 4 of 2013: The Pregnant is Alone

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Today I went to the mall to meet with a college friend. While waiting for my ride, I got to talk to an older couple whom I remember when I was in my early adolescence. Though I didn't know their names, we had a good talk about so many things. She was surprised that I was going to the mall alone. I am not surprised anymore. In this pregnancy, I have observed that a lot of people worry if they see a pregnant woman alone. I remember last December when I was hired to do makeups for a Christmas party event in Greenhills. Yan couldn't accompany me because he has work so I had to go alone. After I was done doing the makeups (and the judging of a contest too), I couldn't wait for the party to end because it was getting very late. I said goodbye to my friend at the party and went outside the venue. There were few cabs passing by so I decided to start walking to the street corner. While I was walking, someone called loudly "Buntis! Uwi ka na?". I didn't know her but I recognized that she was attending the party I came from. When I said "yes" she said "Ingat ka ha." From that time I thought that maybe it looks really awkward when a pregnant woman works alone or plainly just DO things alone. And they all have a point. It's different when you are pregnant. You can't carry heavy bags, can't walk so far... It's not weakness. It's just being careful because you are carrying another life who is not ready yet for any stress. I completely understand. I do my best to ensure I do not stress myself specially when travelling.

Our talk continued... She knew I taught in high school before so she asked me where I was working now. I told her I don't work anymore. I  take care of our businesses, and if I work, it's definitely home-based. When she found out that my husband is related to I.T., she suggested that he works in Singapore because it will be easy for him to get us too. In my mind was a big NO. But of course I appreciate her suggestion. :)
(If you want to see our Singapore Happy Trip video- click HERE

I believe that any amount of money is possible to be earned here in the Philippines. For some- who happens to be in the "not so" in demand field, it might just take a little longer. Everything is possible! Law of abundance. And let's face it, so many Filipinos are dying to live abroad when those who are working abroad are dying to get back home. Life is easier in the Philippines if you work smart (not equivalent to corrupt). And those who work abroad, for most, end up living there because that's where their bread and butter is. I have no dreams of living abroad- vacation pwede pa. I am so attached to my family that I couldn't bear living a life so different from the care that we get with our loved ones around. And I recently read Father Reuter's tips for a lasting marriage from I'll quote the one that suits this topic

“Do not sleep on separate beds or lead separate lives in separate rooms.”
Meaning, if Brad Pitt is filming on location, Jennifer must come along.
Father expressed sadness over the OFW situation where many Filipinos leave their families to work abroad. Oftentimes, these overseas foreign workers carry on extramarital affairs while living abroad, resulting in destroyed marriages.

 Though people would say IT DEPENDS on the couple, or it's all about TRUST... It's still a very big temptation. My point is- just stay together no matter where it is.

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