Revisiting my Dream board

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Last few days of 2012.

I believe that you do not just wait for things to happen to you but instead, you should set goals so you do not lose focus. With this, you gain control over your life or at least have a direction to go to. This will help you gauge how near you are from getting your goals.

Last March 2012, I created a dream board, or power-board for me because I think these things are not "just" a dream. As we close 2013, I revisited my power-board to see which goals were met this year. I am happy to say that I crossed out almost all of it.

My Goals for 2012 (March 2012)

My Achieved Goals as of Dec. 2012

1. Travel/ Vacation- We went to Boracay on my birthday despite the busy schedule that we have. I love adventure and travels so much that's why this, definitely, was on my list.

2. Ipad - it wasn't for me but for my hubby since I already have my Ipad 2. I gave him his own Ipad. :)

3. Makeup Case - I don't know why I kept on delaying my purchase of this. Maybe it was because I was not expecting that much clients. I was focused on my other business. However, the clients came left and right so I HAD to buy the makeup case. As of now, I am enjoying it so much!

4. Bills Managed- I am happy to say that they do not bother me anymore! yehey!

5. Church- I placed here a picture of a church because secretly, I was "dreaming" that someday, I will get married in a church. Looking back at what happened to us, it was really surprising that our planned civil wedding ended up as a church wedding. Unconsciously... maybe... I attracted it. :)

For the other things I have not crossed out, I would like to think that they were just delayed. We lost our car because of the flood during the Habagat days so we had to work with the insurance company in getting whatever money we can get to recover from it. Thus, the sports car did not become the priority from that time. Second, the target savings was not met because we got married but I am very happy that our finances have improved tremendously (one of the many blessings we received this year). And third, for Megan's educational plan, I talked to someone this year who made me think twice about it. In short, I changed my mind. I would rather get Megan and my soon to arrive baby Abraham a life insurance. It's a better choice.

Assessing what happened this year, I can say that it has been a wonderful year. There were delays but still, I can see how far I've gone in achieving the things I want. 2013 will be exciting. I decided not to make a New Year's Resolution because I often end up forgetting about them. Instead, I will be making another power-board and will work on turning those dreams to reality!

So how did your 2012 go?

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