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I've seen a number of movies about being trapped in the elevator. And most of those are scenes you'd never want to get into. Who would want to experience delay by getting stuck in an enclosed area? Last Saturday, after we went swimming at Ascott's pool, we were in a hurry to get back to our room because we have other activities to do and was already crunched for time. And it was unexpected that our elevator didn't even move but we got stuck on the 6th floor. A few girls let out a scream when we stopped. The elevator can carry 17 people. We did a headcount and we were just 16 - including a little girl maybe around the age of 10, and 3 of the other girls were really slim so we weren't overloading the elevator.

They electricians weren't able to fix it at once so we stayed there quite longer. An Islam family who were with us started praying. And with the turning off of the lights and shutting down of the power, and realizing there wasn't any fone signal, I felt that I was gasping for air. I am not really sure if it was a sign of panicking but good thing we were able to keep the humour going while we were waiting for everything to end.

My experience was not traumatizing but I never want to try it again just to find out.

So what are some tips that will help you when you get trapped in an elevator?

  • Check the emergency button- it is important that they know immediately that you got stuck
  • Never panic. Sing a song, talk to other people (if you are not alone) 
  • Patiently wait.... 
  • Keep yourself busy. Use your gadget if you have it with you.
  • Pray. 

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