An old electronic love letter

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Often times, I always imagine what if I could go back in time and see myself when I was younger. Maybe there are so many things that I would realize about myself. But if I can't remember how I used to think back then, I remembered how my students were.

Young people are full of dreams. They are not afraid of trying for they do not know yet what they can and cannot do. They just do it without caring if they would be rejected. And young people are creative. But somehow, along the way to maturity, we lose the heart to dream. We get scared of being rejected. We ran out of creativity in expressing ourselves or solving a problem.

I was going through old CDs trying to sort out which ones are still working. I found a CD which made me appreciate how young people are. Somebody gave me this with a poem which was written for me.

Not for anything else but I realize that we can create beautiful things and achieve what we what to achieve as long as our heart has the unwavering desire to do so. Like in fairytales, maybe we are all under a spell. We have forgotten how to be brave and fight so we can go after our happily ever after. Nothing is impossible if you WILL your heart to it.

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