A bag of Chocolates and Smiles

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April has got to be the busiest month of this year... And I am so well aware that there are blog entries that I should have done on my out of town trips but procrastination is my best friend too this month. Yet, no matter how busy life gets, we should always remember to give time to true friends. Apart from a career that you can work hard on, money that you can find ways to create, there is time that should be spent on PEOPLE (not telenovelas), on creating more memories for these memories tell us how we've been living our life.

Friday is the usual gimik time for me too! My highschool friend is ending his month long vacation here and will be back in the US. And though it was only a night, we all had our laughs like we were back in highschool again.

This treat even had perks!!! He brought chocolates for the Barkada babies. We were excited to get loot bags. Putting chocolates inside it was the highlight of the dinner.

With these smiles, I can definitely attest to the power of chocolates in making one happy! And most importantly, having true friends makes you one of the wealthiest people on earth.

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